Figaro Agency Allocator : Effective inventory allocation.

FigaroAA distributes inventory amongst a number of brands, using each campaign’s individual goals and constraints. 
Allocate those brands effectively. 
Planning on-air placements for campaign spots is complex. With large numbers of on-air slots available, how can you be sure that the most effective use of airtime is made? 
How do you balance the competing requirements of individual campaigns with their different target audiences and play-out restrictions whilst making optimum use of the available inventory?

FigaroAA provides that solution. Using its unique reach-based optimization algorithm you can be sure that your campaigns are slotted effectively. Comprehensive reporting is provided so it’s easy to see how your inventory has been used and what the spot composition of each campaign schedule is.

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  • Works with a pre-bought advertising inventory.
  • Fully integrated with in-house systems.
  • Friendly easy-to-use interface.
  • Fast processing.
  • Weekly updates using TV audience research data.

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